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‘Exercise is Power & Power is Exercise’

 No one enjoys the negative effects aging can have on our bodies and minds. It’s a real drag and most people feel the aches and pains associated with aging and they become less active and less fit. This is compounded by the fact that our brains can also slow down,  our cognitive function weakens and we are increasingly at risk of dementia. Aging is one of the most brutal arena’s of life. The aging process if uncontested is categorised by the steady loss of muscle tissue and strength, balance and stamina, bone density and resistance to illness and injury. But believe it or not there is a very simple solution, that solution is being active! By following a simple exercise routine seniors can actually slow down and possibly prevent many of the negative effects of aging and that is when you come in. Benefits of exercise for senior include everything from improving their sleep, reducing their risk from many medical conditions and improving their overall mood and outlook.

As you know there are all sorts of ways to exercise cardiovascular exercise, balance exercise, flexibility exercise and resistance weight training.


Resistance training is a training system wherein you use resistance. For instance using rubber bands, weights so on and so forth. This thereby creates resistance between the equipment and the muscle. Resistance training can play a vital role in the health of older adults and this certainly should not be overlooked. Everybody needs strength and everybody needs strength training, but nobody needs strength training more than senior’s. On that account, many health professionals are hesitant to recommend resistant training to seniors. Resistant training does not pose a greater risk of injury than other types of exercises, even among individuals with to cardiovascular disease or low bone mass. Resistance is specifically shown to be safe and beneficial among individuals with low bone mass, it improves bone health and reduces the risk of falling.

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