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“Habits whether good or bad stay forever”

Children are influenced by their surroundings, especially, by their parent’s. Children look up to their parents through their lives. Parents are always a point of reference for their children,(practice what you post) message is clear today generation is far more active on social media then us, they can see, understand and interpret the stories, post and reels what we post and they do turn for guidance whenever they run into trouble, and children pick up this habit early on in their lives. As they grow, children imitate their parent’s behavior and actions, and parents are the role models for their kids. Their wisdom and habits inevitably pass on to kids. Therefore, it is important to start young when teaching them habits, especially considering that children develop habits by age nine.

Inculcating the right manners and healthy habits for children can feel like an uphill battle. For instance, asking your toddler to brush daily, isn’t it an endeavor? Be patient and lead them towards the right path. According to research, 40 sessions of consistent activity, will turn into a habit. Repetition definitely plays a vital role, it do make a difference!

One of the most important aspect of growing up is to encourage your child to make healthy food choices. Your child will adopt good habits if they start early. Educate your child about the importance of having a nutritious diet and the whole family will learn what is good for their health and will be more conscious of what they eat. It’s a habit that helps change behavior for a lifetime. Most importantly keep nutritious food ‘in reach’. Place their favorite fruit or nut in a place where they could reach.

So on and so forth, ‘Habits take time.’ Give them the opportunity to inculcate good things into good habits. Today’s generation is tomorrow’s future. What tricks did you use to inculcate good habits in your children? Share your experience.

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