Fat Loss Program

Before we start discussing about this program, let’s clear the concept of weight loss and fat loss.  

Weight Loss:

This word is heard more than any other word in the world of wellness. Everybody loves to weight loss; however weight loss is not Fat loss. As the word Weight itself defines that the human body consists of water, muscles, bones, fats and many other elements combining to form a body. Losing weight defines either to lose muscle or a Kidney, or a bone, or your heart or any other element of your body. Sounds funny but even a haircut will give you a weight loss. That’s the fact of life! So make sure we change our attitude when we think about fitness.

Let’s see what Fat Loss is?

You do not need rocket science to understand the word Fat loss; It clearly says “Fat-Loss”.

The moment when your mind standing in front of a mirror hates your body and the areas which bulge out due to abuse of the taste buds, and friends giving you nicknames and demotivation starting to hold firm grounds  is when you think of losing some extra pounds/kgs or inches of fat. 

Before we even get into how to lose fat, first let us understand which body type do we belong, then we can analyze what fat loss program do we need.

The below diagram will teach us what body types we belong to.

Dr. William Sheldon (1898-1977) was an American psychologist who during his career held teaching and research posts at a number of Universities in the United States. Much of Dr. William Sheldon's professional life was devoted to investigating the range human personality traits or temperament types. These personality traits, Sheldon came to believe, bore a direct relationship with each of three human body types (or Somatotypes) which he called Endomorphy, Mesomorphy and Ectomorphy. 

Sheldon identified three main somatotypes:

Sheldon's Somatotypes





relaxed, sociable, tolerant, comfort-loving, peaceful

Plump, Soft body, flabby ,underdeveloped, muscles, round shaped, over-developed digestive system, trouble losing weight, generally gains muscle easily.



active, assertive, vigorous, combative

Muscular, athletic 
hard, muscular body, overly mature appearance, rectangular shaped (hourglass shaped for women) 
thick skin, upright posture ,gains or loses weight easily, grows muscle quickly



quiet, fragile, restrained, non-assertive, sensitive

Fragile, thin, flat chest, delicate build, young appearance, tall, lightly muscled, stoop-shouldered, Has trouble gaining weight, muscle growth takes longer.


Once you determine your body types, then you can decide which program will work for you. However if you’re still unable to determine your body types, or if you feel that your body type belongs between ecto and meso or between endo and meso, We at Trfitness will help you in determining your body type and will design a program which suits your personal and professional life.

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