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‘Controlling your cholesterol may be easier than you think.’

In the previous article, we discussed about what is cholesterol? We also examined the two main types of cholesterol. Today we’ll share exercises that help lower cholesterol.

Well, the thought of doing exercise can be daunting at the time particularly when you just found out you have high cholesterol but exercise improves heart health by improving blood cholesterol levels. It does this by positively changing the ratio of good and bad cholesterol. Adopting an overall healthy lifestyle means changing more than one area of your life, but in doing so you’re much more likely to lower your cholesterol. Firstly, make sure that you’re moving to a healthier plan.

Now let’s move on and discuss about exercise tips to help lower cholesterol. We’ll be stating a list of exercise that you can do. These exercises will help you stay fit and healthy and will also contribute towards a heart-healthy lifestyle.

Here is a list of exercise that will help you in reducing your LDL,

  • Run or jog
  • Brisk walking
  • Cycling
  • Weight lifting
  • Take a few laps at the pool
  • Aerobic activity with moderate intensity
  • Yoga
  • High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Research suggests that frequent exercising and improving your diet will increase your good cholesterol by 10 percent. If you have different risk factors already like heart disease, stroke or diabetes you should try starting with therapeutic lifestyle changes.

Any exercise or activity that increases your heart rate in a controlled manner, for instance doing a brisk walk or doing jogging will improve one’s cholesterol levels. However, you ought to consult your doctor before starting with any exercise routine.

We suggest you to start with a light workout and then gradually increase the intensity of the workout. If incase you feel uncomfortable while exercising, then we recommend you to stop and avoid exercising and consult your doctor.

Consistency and dedication is the key. Make sure that you consistently perform the above stated exercises. Dedicated few minutes for yourself. Controlling your cholesterol maybe easier than you think.

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