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TR Fitness was founded by Tehsin Ratna, a specialist in fitness programs for corporate, societies and individuals. We at TRfitness also work with various fitness centers and Gyms to help them revamp their facilities making it more viable and productive for its members. TRfitness has provided fitness consultancy and personal training to corporate giants such as Welspun groups, Rama groups, Equitec, Wealth tech and many other individuals of the corporate world.

Founder Tehsin Ratna has a great passion for fitness. This passion is not restricted for self but extends to people around him. It was a natural progression to select fitness industry as a career. What better way to bake the cake and have it too. Having spent more than a decade+ in the fitness industry, Tehsin has worked with more than 1000+ people and guided them on their fitness regime. 

He is associated with the industry since the time when gyming was equated to bodybuilding and competition. His 18 years of interaction with various needs of fitness has equipped him well to deal with various health conditions.

Tehsin had the opportunity to work with :

• Zaf the club
• The Le Meridien Kuwait
• The Le meridien Art and Tech Kuwait
• Grand Hyatt Mumbai.

His expertises are in analyzing and correcting human anatomical functionality, Rehab, fat loss and stress management through specific exercises. He firmly believes in acting today than tomorrow and taking baby steps similar to the infant. Where the infant doesn’t start running on the very first day? It goes in stages where the infant first starts to hold himself upright. (This is the stage where we take our self-back to our form correction.) Then the child leaves the support and practices to stand without support (this is the stage where we have corrected our form and have started to follow the correct path. This is the stage where pain is Maximum as the body is realigning back to its natural form.) Then comes the stage where the infant starts walking and everyone in the room is very happy (for us this is the stage where we have mastered the natural form and it’s now time to load some weight) Then the infant starts running (this is the stage where we are ready to now take it forward and can focus on the journey every day with sincerity and honesty).